Broadway Theatre League of South Bend, Indiana


To present and promote quality theater in Michiana.


Build and maintain a permanent theater audience.

Broadway Theatre League (BTL) is proud to present Broadway hits on national tour from New York City to you!

The Broadway Theatre League was established in 1959 as part of a nationwide network of leagues committed to bringing Broadway shows to communities across the country, by way of touring companies. While many leagues have struggled to survive, BTL has remained strong, notable for its success and strong relationships with producers and booking agencies across the country. The BTL is dedicated to helping preserve South Bend's cultural and historical heritage while providing future generations with first-rate entertainment. As the area's premiere promoter of hit Broadway shows on national tour, BTL salutes its subscribers, patrons, corporate sponsors and advertisers for their interest and support, which has made this achievement possible.

Eliminate the hassle and expense of travel, traffic and major-city box office prices. Enjoy top theatrical productions right here in our own exceptional performance venues.

Cultivate an interest in theater in Michiana.

The Broadway Theatre League is exploring new ways to introduce the performing arts to all segments of our community, even those not traditionally associated with live theatre. Through partnerships with area schools and music programs, the BTL has provided subsidized the cost of tickets to performances, allowing new generations to see and experience nationally known productions. As firm believers in the importance of the performing arts in the lives of all young people, we gladly accept donations to supplement the cost of tickets so that every child can experience the joy of live theatre.

As a non-profit organization, the BTL has demonstrated its commitment to the community through numerous charitable donations, and has become a key cultural and economic factor in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

Provide an opportunity to see quality theater productions.
Provide annual funding to foster and encourage theatrical arts in Michiana through active outreach.

The Broadway Theatre League is committed to providing educational opportunities for local children and young adults interested in a career in the performing arts. The BTL facilitates meet and greets with cast members, behind-the-scenes tours for students. In addition, the BTL is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand its outreach to the local community, actively supporting the future of our area's live theatre industry.